Know Thy Self (A review of Book Three)

Know Thy Self by Ethan Howard (Opportvnvs Adest Series Book 3)

Know Thy Self
by Ethan Howard
My rating: 5 stars
Series: Opportvnvs Adest –BOOK 3
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Book Three edition (March 20, 2017)
Genre: Fantasy
Paperback: 254 pages

It is the year 2020. Rex Talion and his Quid Pro Quo have pushed the unsuspecting population to the brink of the greatest war the planet has ever seen.

Regina Tate is the only one aware of Talion’s insidiousPLANS and the impending Degan invasion. For this reason, she and her son Dante have been marked for death by the most unlikely source.

Quentin, the man from the stars sent to Earth on a mission to save the planet has ultimately ignored his responsibilities. The powerful Vestigare with a dark secret has entered into a relationship with Regina and this action may spell doom for the planet and all of existence.

Experience the explosive convergence as these three characters uncover revelations aboutTHEMSELVES and others that will lead Earth on a collision course towards destruction……

Know Thy Self by Ethan Howard
(Opportvnvs Adest SeriesBOOK 3)

Know Thy Self (Opportvnvs Adest Series Book 3)The planet is teetering on the brink of a war of cataclysmic proportions and doesn’t even realize it. People are being blindly led like lambs to slaughter by Rex Talion and only one woman knows the truth. “They” are coming and “They” will be unstoppable and “We” will need a miracle toSURVIVE.

Regina, a woman of deep personal convictions knows too much, so she and her son must die. For anyone who still believes we are alone in the universe, on this plane of existence or any other, prepare to become part of the End as an inter-galactic battle between good and evil is being staged on the chess board called Earth. Discover possible truths behind the faiths we cling to. Are the Powers we believe in actually alien beings seeking to test our resolve? Do we deserve toSURVIVE as a species?

As the players line up, the parallels between religious beliefs and alien tampering are terrifying. Has Talion come to cleanse the earth or is he evil run amok in a world seeking instant gratification preparing us to become his minions in hell? Has our true savior been among us? Quentin was sent to save our world, but he fell in love. Has he lost his way, misunderstood his mission? What role will Regina take on and how did this God-fearing woman become the warrior she is and finally Dante, a young and innocent child, who could he become and what would he stand for? Has the primordial soup boiled over leaving the truth of the world exposed, just as it is ending or will humans be givenA SECOND CHANCE to get things right?…not if Talion has his way…

KNOW THY SELF could be Ethan Howard’s best addition to the Opportvnvs Adest Series as he rains chaos down on a clueless world eager for the pleasures of life. The simply brilliant imaginings from his mind have been shared and trust me the action is non-stop, the betrayals are brutal and the revelations can be heart stopping. From start to finish, this tale is amazing, rich with details that only add to the chaos and turmoil as Earth becomes the tennis ball in final match forSURVIVAL.

Its time to meet another author, spread your reading wings and take flight into the world Ethan Howard has created. Mr. Howard has thePOWER of suggestion down pat as he leads his readers into a world of what ifs, whys, and cause and effect as time runs out on humanity.


For Indie Writers & Other Creators

Hello out there.

As we all know, getting reviews and ANY sort of notoriety for our hard work is a challenge to say the least.

I, along with another author (John T. Cullen) have decided to put together a podcast dedicated to spotlighting indie creators. The main focus will be authors but artists, photographers, etc. will be most welcome.

This will give all of the talent out there a voice and some publicity.  Books will be reviewed and discussed. Writing tips and website creation are just a couple of the things that will be tackled in this 30-45 minute package.

This is in the embryonic stage but progressing  quite nicely. More details to follow soon.

Anyone interested in being interviewed (when the podcast is ready) feel free to email me now at I will keep you updated regularly and let you know when things are ready.

Let us have some fun with this and get you the attention you rightfully deserve.

Talk to you soon.




A Few Scenes From 2018 Comic Con

One of the benefits to living in San Diego is attending the annual Con. At least a one time must for you Indie authors, artists, free thinkers, comic bookers, trekkies, etc.  Be sure to get your tickets NOW. 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Comic Con. Do not miss the opportunity to get your geek on.



An Interesting Perspective

A few days ago, I did an author event and was asked what I considered peculiar questions from two people.

Let me start by saying the event was enjoyable but I do want to share a few things.

Two men who had read the first three books of my (Opportvnvs Adest) series came to my table for some autographs. I have to say, that is something I NEVER get tired of. The thought of people actually wanting MY signature is a thrill.

But I digress………

So, the two men wanted to know if I was trying to make some sort of statement by having so many strong women in the series. The second thing they commented on was the number of international/minority characters.

My first reaction was to be blown away by the lack of awareness in 2018, but then I thought: this is a great opportunity for some real dialogue!

I addressed the minority point by saying there was no conscience statement involved with international and minority characters. Since my series takes place all over the globe, it would make sense to have individuals represent different countries.

The conversation about my female characters was a bit longer and it brought other folks to my table.

I told people how I truly see women. One of my tours in the Middle East, I was assigned a female partner for the better part of a year and this lady could do everything I could……and number of things better. I was fortunate to grow up with both parents who operated as equals in the household so that was my frame of reference.

Female friends and my wife to gave me their perspective on how a woman would respond to certain situations. Seemed to make sense to me since I am a man. How the hell would I know how a female reacts? Also, my story would not work if all I had were “damsels in distress” and other parodies of a bygone era.

The conversation was quite lively and very respective; even when folks disagreed. One thing that hit me, that the men who started dialogue, appeared to be close to 70. It made me that about what they grew up watching and hearing and it colored their perspectives even in this day of enlightenment. The Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Amos & Andy, etc might be considered iconic, but they do not hold up well these days on treatment or representation of women and minorities. No slam on anyone, it was just the way things were back then,

In the end, we all learned a little bit about each other, and it in the end we are all better for it.

Till next time.




Indie Addicts in LA


I want to send a special thanks to CK Green and the Kingston Publishing Company who sponsored an indie author event at the Embassy in LA.

It was a small but intimate event where authors (like myself) could truly spend time with interested readers.

I had a blast conversing with science fiction fans about time travel, life on other planets, and whatever our geek out minds could think of.

On a secondary note, I even sold books!

By the way, I know it would have helped if I had been in some of the pictures, or taken some with the fans. Please do not judge me too harshly, I am learning this business as I go. I am however enjoying every moment of this ride.

Keep the writing going, fellow Indie brothers and sisters and I will talk to you very soon.



A Seminal Moment for any Indie Author

Greetings folks.

Every Indie author dreams of seeing their book(s) on the best seller list or turned into a big budget movie.

And I am no different.

However, the biggest thrill for me is to have one of my books on someone else’s shelf. Recently, it was Barnes & Noble in La Mesa, Ca. Being there and interacting with folks was truly a thrill.  It also helped make the grind of writing worthwhile.

It is very humbling to have a person come up and ASK for an autograph.

To all of my Indie brothers and sisters, keep at it and keep having fun. I have learned in this journey of writing, that ALL of our stories matter. There are always people out there who will read and enjoy your work.

Till next time.




A Starry Messenger Review by Allies Opinion

on November 10, 2017
In Starry Messenger”, our world among many others is but a puppet on the strings of the ‘Collective’, the Degans and the God of all God’s, Yar. Quentin awakens and is directed by the Synod to observe Earth’s status. Why haven’t the humans conquered the stars? For centuries humans have been given a leg up and it seems to all be for naught. Quentin’s meetings with others like him leave him reeling in his convictions. What exactly is the end game for the Synod and is the way of Yar all Quentin had believed it to be? Will the chance meeting of a human woman and her son change everything for Quentin?

A few things I want to bring attention to first. Thank you Mr. Howard for such a compelling list of characters. Thank you a ton for having a male lead who is a POC and a grown adult. Too many of these stories are based around teens and do not reflect the diversity of humanity.

Quentin is still a bit of a mystery to me. He’s thousands of years old and a very intriguing man. He is introspective and open minded even when all he knows is being questioned. His character is stoic and endearing. It was a treat to watch as he discovered his human forms feelings and desires. How conflicting that must have been.

Regina and her son are an integral part of what made this story so good. I would like to see both of them fleshed out a bit more. The same can be said for Quentin. I’m hoping that in later books they come to understand the world together and our journey with them delves a bit deeper than this book seemed to.

There was a lot of world building in Starry Messenger but I didn’t feel like it was too much at once. I would of liked the book to be a bit longer, as it stands it’s a good toe into this new world and it’s mechanisms.

My only criticism is the withdrawn feel to both Regina and Quentin. I would like to see them fleshed out a bit more intimately since this is an introduction to the series. The language is a bit formal and could use to be loosened up a bit.

Looking for more reviews like this one? Check out my blog AlliesOpinions on WordPress!

Indie Author Signing at Mysterious Galaxy Book Store

Starry Messenger article (1)


Hello out there.

Just a little fun thing I wanted to share.

And much thanks to fellow author Rusty Trimble (The Revenge of Jack Frost, The Andrew Chronicles) for putting this “newspaper” together for the event.

I will be out there with 20 other Indie Authors on Sept. 23 from 12pm-3pm. All those in the San Diego area, come out and enjoy the fun.

I will be signing Starry Messenger (Book One of the Opportvnvs Adest series)

Oh, if you cannot make it, check it out on the Mysterious Galaxy website for a signed coy….if you dare.

Peace to all.