The 13 Things You Need to Know about Sidereus Nuncius

1. Quentin – The “starry messenger” who falls in love with the Earth woman, Regina Tate. A member of the interstellar peace-keeping force known as the Vestigares. Quentin is sent to Earth by the Synod to learn why and how the planet has become infested with Degans.

2. Regina Tate – The mother of Dante Tate and the Earth woman who meets and falls in love with Quentin. Regina, known for her unshakable religious faith, is a school teacher at Sun Valley Elementary School.


3. Collective – A large number of planets and civilizations ruled by Yar in the known universe. It is constantly growing due to Yar’s directive to expand.

4. Synod –  12 Mondjina beings from the Beyond twho carry out the orders of Yar. They are in charge of the advancement of planets to the Collective.

5. Beyond – The spectacular realm outside of the known universe where Yar and the Engelas, Mondjina and the Suntis reside. The initial battle site of Megiddo.

6. Yar – The seemingly benevolent cosmic being of incalculable power who resides in the Beyond. The creator of the Collective and the being often mistaken as a god. Yar favors Earth above all other worlds and desires the planet to join his Collective.

7. Discarded One – The leader of the Degans and the most evil, terrifying lifeform in the universe. Second only to Yar in terms of power. The Discarded One was once a beautiful Engela who lived in the Beyond with Yar until he began to conquer and subjugate other worlds. This led to the great war of Megiddo where the Discarded One was defeated and banished to the other side of the universe where the Degans reside. 

8. Dante Tate – The ten year son of Regina Tate. 


9. Megiddo – The greatest war the cosmos has ever seen.  Megiddo was fought between the forces of Yar and the Discarded One for universal supremacy. The initial stages of the war tore a hole in the fabric of the Beyond. Other civilizations in existence at the time chose sides and the battle began again in earnest.  Eventually the Discarded One was defeated and expelled from the Beyond to the other side of the universe.

10. Degans – The race of beings led by the Discarded One that are known to spread havoc and terror across the universe.  In their true form, they are frightening to humans. They have different forms, but the few humans that have seen them described them as “animals that walk upright” or humans with animal body parts. Their primary focus is on stagnating the advancement of civilizations and preventing them from joining Yar’s Collective. The Degans manipulate events on all four corners of the world at the direction of their master. 


11. Aron – An extraterrestrial who lives on Earth as a human. A friend to Quentin and being of vast knowledge of the events in the universe. 

12. Rex Talion – A CEO and billionaire philanthropist who is dedicated to helping the world.

13. Third Secret – The greatest secret in the history of the Earth, or possibly the universe. The knowledge of this closely guarded information is the key to all of exsistence.



Sidereus Nuncius now has a cover artist!

My search for a cover artist is finally over. After meeting with a young gentleman and seeing his work, I am pleased with what he has to offer.

For those that have asked me for more pages from the story, fret not, I will be releasing more interesting tidbits concerning the story in the next two days.

Before any more pages come out, I will give the people, places, and things you will need to know for Book I.

The universe is a big place and I do not want anyone getting lost!

As promised. The first five pages of Book I

                                                  Sidereus Nuncius

                                                “Starry Messenger “

Book I


The crystalline chamber opened and the male emerged from his rest cycle. He sat upright, swung his feet out of the hollow compartment and put them down firmly on the glass like surface. He stood up in the center of the room and performed a self-inventory and found every part of his body was functioning at peak capacity. The results were pleasing and somewhat surprising to the male because he had little time to heal from his last mission.  

The familiar feeling of anticipation swept over the male. He thought about his masters and why they needed him so soon after his last undertaking. The twelve beings known as the Synod had summoned him once again and they would only do that if the task was a very important one.

The male was a Vestigare. Part of an assemblage of 1,656 interstellar investigators and defenders. Each of these beings was a carefully selected individual from the large group of united planets called the Collective. The appearance and abilities of each Vestigare varied but they were all dedicated to the same cause: The protection and advancement of the Way of Yar.

Yar was a being of incalculable power and unknown origins. He was said to reside in the Beyond, a place outside of the universe and home to the Engelas, Mondjina, and the Suntis. Yar was also leader and the architect of the Collective. Billions of beings who were under the care, protection and some would say rulership of Yar.

From the Beyond and through the Synod, this all powerful being spread his influence and philosophy throughout the universe.

It was Yar’s doctrine that it is the responsibility of the more advanced race or civilization to provide assistance to those that are not and one day lead them to the stars. From there, the civilization will join the ever expanding Collective. This became known as Yar’s Way.

The Synod was twelve beings from the Mondjina race entrusted to speak for Yar. The Mondjina were tall, thin creatures with large, black, oval shaped eyes that never blinked.  Their faces did not contain a nose, only two small slits on opposite side of one another; with unmoving mouths that were a darker shade of brown than the rest of their bodies. The smooth, hairless heads were encircled by a nimbus that was usually yellow in color.When they spoke, it was only through thought conveyance. The Mondjina did not believe in unnecessary body movements.


The Synod had reached out from the Beyond with a thought wave communicating to the male that he was needed once more.




There were to be no delays.

The male activated the refresher and moved under its green light. As the green rays bathed the male, he found the feeling of anticipation being replaced with his sense of honor and duty.  He had lost track of how many revolutions he had been serving the Synod, and of all the places he had been. This servitude had become his life. He was considered first among all Vestigares and because of that distinction, missions had been virtually nonstop for as long as he could recall. Planets were always in need of vigilance and protection from threats.

His life mate shared his devotion to the Way, for she had accepted an assignment in a far off solar system, knowing it would take many revolutions to complete.

Loathe as he was to admit it, the time apart had weakened the link which seemed unbreakable at the time of their bonding. Now there was very little trace of her in his thoughts. The male thought it was strange that he was not saddened by this. He was confident she felt the same and he knew a severance of their bond was imminent.

Decisions on their link would have to be answered on another cycle. The green light shut off and with it, all personal musings and worries. The male stood in the center of his room and thought once again about the Synod.  The room shifted and moved and then became aglow in the dimly translucent field of blue and green hues. The entire dwelling was replaced and the male found himself in the presence of the Synod.

The Synod watched the male but said nothing. The light around their heads were blinking rapidly, and the male knew from experience they were speaking amongst themselves.

And most likely about him.

The dark skinned male with coal black eyes stood and waited patiently for the motionless figures in dark green robes that stood in a semi-circle to communicate their wishes.

After several moments, the Synod finally spoke.

 “Are you well?”

Always the same question.

“Yes,” was the standard answer.

It was immediately followed with, “Is there anything that will prevent you from successfully completing this latest mission?”


 He was the most accomplished of all the Vestigares, yet the question was asked each time he stood before them.

“You will go to the blue planet known as Earth. That world has not progressed as we originally planned. We wish to know the reason for this. Other planets have advanced with far less aid, yet after centuries of assistance and encouragement, this planet has not had a single being advance past their own moon. Do you know of this world?”

“Every Vestigare in the Collective is aware of the planet Yar most favors.” The male said.

The nimbus encircling the heads of the Synod seemed to shift to a bright red.

The male knew that particular color around their heads meant a high level of stress for his masters. Failure was not an option for this undertaking. But then for the dark skinned male, it never was.

The Synod continued.

“Numerous procurators descended on this planet and bestowed upon them all that is necessary to succeed and join the Collective but they have not.  You will go forth and learn what has kept them in darkness and savagery.  But beware; humans are still primitive in their behaviors. You must walk among them to learn their customs, as we the Synod did centuries ago. Once there, you will find the cause of Earth’s stagnation and report back to us.”

“When I find the cause, do you want me to eliminate it?”

“No. Violence on the planet is to be avoided. For now, we merely desire information.”

The male found the command odd. He sought clarity by rephrasing the question.

“You wish me to take no direct action once I discover the source?”

“Your mission is to observe and report.”

This directive was strange to the male. The Synod had never concerned themselves about conflict in the past. It was expected. The Way of Yar was to be advanced at all costs was what they once told him.  Battle was commonplace in the life of a Vestigare. Why now and why this planet? What if he discovered Degans on Earth?

Despite his numerous reservations, the male gave his own standard response.

“Yes, masters.”

“May Yar be with you. We bid you success.”

With that, the glow around the twelve heads shone a bright yellow and the male found himself alone in his room again. His superiors had spoken. Time to go. They had given him perhaps the most important mission any Vestigare ever had.

The familiar feeling of anticipation swept through his body once more.

 A new world to see.

 A new world to advance.

End of prologue

Welcome One and All

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

— Hugh C. Cameron

Hello there. If you are here, I suspect it is because like me, you have a love for the fantasy and the far out. 

Before I get started, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a combat vet with an English degree from Rutgers University. My lovely wife and I live in sunny San Diego where we enjoy all the attractions and comforts the city has to offer.

You will learn more about me as time goes forward. And I certainly hope to learn about you.

Now back to my original comment.

This is a place where all ideas, thoughts, rants (just be polite), are welcome. I like to sit and sometimes contemplate the state of the universe and life itself. Questions like the afterlife, outerspace, and just who or what is the higher power. Is there life on other planets? Was Atlantis real? What was the true purpose of the Egyptian pyramids?

Those are just a few things I thought about over the years.

That is where Opportunus Adest, the novel, comes in.

Opportunus Adest is loosely translated from Latin to mean “Here at the opportune time.”  That is the inscription on a French jeton from 1656. One coin has what looks like a spaceship on it, and another depicts rain on a tree that appears to be growing. No one is exactly sure why these coins were created. My story says Earth is not alone and we have been getting help from intergalactic neighbors since the dawn of time. These beings always show up when humanity needs a nudge in advancement. Hence the title.

There are beings who have a vested interest in making sure the planet continues to move along at an acceptable pace. Keep in mind that there are those who take the opposite approach and want Earth stagnated and mired in intellectual darkness. Que bono? Who benefits? You will have to read and find out.

Some of the themes explored in the novel are:

1. Religion is an unquantified belief in a being or system.

2. Free will vs predestination.

3. Redemption is always available if you seek it, despite your past.

4. There is a fine line between benevolence and malevolence.

5. Magic is science not yet discovered.

The first part of the novel is called Sidereus Nuncius (Starry Messenger) You will learn some of the key players and their motivations. Let me warn you though that nothing, and I mean nothing, is what it seems. In this universe, what you believe is false and what you know is wrong. So where lies the ever elusive truth? Decide that for yourself.