The 13 Things You Need to Know about Sidereus Nuncius

1. Quentin – The “starry messenger” who falls in love with the Earth woman, Regina Tate. A member of the interstellar peace-keeping force known as the Vestigares. Quentin is sent to Earth by the Synod to learn why and how the planet has become infested with Degans.

2. Regina Tate – The mother of Dante Tate and the Earth woman who meets and falls in love with Quentin. Regina, known for her unshakable religious faith, is a school teacher at Sun Valley Elementary School.


3. Collective – A large number of planets and civilizations ruled by Yar in the known universe. It is constantly growing due to Yar’s directive to expand.

4. Synod –  12 Mondjina beings from the Beyond twho carry out the orders of Yar. They are in charge of the advancement of planets to the Collective.

5. Beyond – The spectacular realm outside of the known universe where Yar and the Engelas, Mondjina and the Suntis reside. The initial battle site of Megiddo.

6. Yar – The seemingly benevolent cosmic being of incalculable power who resides in the Beyond. The creator of the Collective and the being often mistaken as a god. Yar favors Earth above all other worlds and desires the planet to join his Collective.

7. Discarded One – The leader of the Degans and the most evil, terrifying lifeform in the universe. Second only to Yar in terms of power. The Discarded One was once a beautiful Engela who lived in the Beyond with Yar until he began to conquer and subjugate other worlds. This led to the great war of Megiddo where the Discarded One was defeated and banished to the other side of the universe where the Degans reside. 

8. Dante Tate – The ten year son of Regina Tate. 


9. Megiddo – The greatest war the cosmos has ever seen.  Megiddo was fought between the forces of Yar and the Discarded One for universal supremacy. The initial stages of the war tore a hole in the fabric of the Beyond. Other civilizations in existence at the time chose sides and the battle began again in earnest.  Eventually the Discarded One was defeated and expelled from the Beyond to the other side of the universe.

10. Degans – The race of beings led by the Discarded One that are known to spread havoc and terror across the universe.  In their true form, they are frightening to humans. They have different forms, but the few humans that have seen them described them as “animals that walk upright” or humans with animal body parts. Their primary focus is on stagnating the advancement of civilizations and preventing them from joining Yar’s Collective. The Degans manipulate events on all four corners of the world at the direction of their master. 


11. Aron – An extraterrestrial who lives on Earth as a human. A friend to Quentin and being of vast knowledge of the events in the universe. 

12. Rex Talion – A CEO and billionaire philanthropist who is dedicated to helping the world.

13. Third Secret – The greatest secret in the history of the Earth, or possibly the universe. The knowledge of this closely guarded information is the key to all of exsistence.




    • Hello MJ.

      This is a Sci-Fi story with a great deal of fantasy. There are also a number of religious undertones (or is that overtones??) to it as well.

      I decided to write this story as sort of a alternate history to the Earth we live on. What if all of our advancements were due to interstellar neighbors? What if all of our legends, myths, fairytales, and folklore were actually true? Think of the possibilities!

      Liked by 1 person

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