Editing & A Starry Messenger

So, after a whole lot of scrubbing, editing, re-writing, more scrubbing and a FINAL edit, Signum Temporum (formerly Sedereus Nuncius), the first novel in my trilogy Opportunus Adest, is COMPLETE!  My editor has completed the editing process and we are now looking seriously into getting the book published.  And then it is on to Temet Nosce, novel number two in the trilogy.  Stay tuned for more updates on this!

On another note, I have introduced everyone to Quentin Dyari, the “Starry Messenger” from the Opportunus Adest trilogy.  Question for all of you: do YOU think there is life on other planets?  Or in “outer space?”  Do you believe there are other civilizations in our universe or others?  I welcome your thoughts and views!

Until next time……