Opportvnvs Adest: The Anatomy of a Story. Part III

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Part II left off with me saying I would explain how I mixed science fiction with the bible.

So I will get right to it.

I was raised a Catholic and spent the first 12 years of my academic career attending Parochial schools. As a young boy I questioned many of the things put forth to me in school and in church. I thought why God would only create us and not others. Surely the rest of the universe is there for a reason. I wondered if there are other inhabited worlds, did Jesus come to those planets too.

I had so many questions and as I got older, I found other free, open minded thinkers like myself. Especially in college where a group of my friends and I would stay up all night trying to solve the riddles of the universe.

Fast forward to present day.

I took my extensive knowledge of the bible and started crafting my tale. My concept would be everything we have read in the bible did not happen as it was written. Stories like Adam & Eve, the Great Flood, Moses, Creation, etc. were altered so we as a simple people could understand them and not be afraid.

Perhaps some of the stories never happened at all.

A few people who have already picked up the book contacted and me wondering if this concept may be too controversial. I will tell you what I told them and what I will tell others at my next book signing. I am not attempting to debunk the bible. My story is a what if tale (fans of Marvel comics know all about this) using science fiction to explain the most popular, most debated book in history.

Let me give you all some things to think about for a moment.

In nearly every mythology, you have the tale of creation, a flood, an apocalypse, and an all-powerful being sending his favorite son to Earth and walk among. Keep in mind, these stories came out BEFORE the bible.

Is it a coincidence or does that fact truly mean something?

The Bible took over 1500 years and 40 authors complete it. Unlike many religious writings, the Bible reads as a factual news account of real events, places, and people. Historians and archaeologists have repeatedly confirmed its authenticity though centuries of research and artifacts.

The Council of Nicaea in AD 325 saw the Roman Emperor Caesar Flavius Constantine gather a group of church leaders in Constantinople with the purpose of define the nature of God for Christianity. The Council cleared up the confusion in the church by claiming the existence of Jesus Christ and giving us the idea of the Trinity.

What does all this say about the Bible and religion itself?

That is for you to decide.

In Opportvnvs Adest there is no one true God identified in the story. Yar is a being of incalculable power. He is the supreme being and creator of the Collective. In my alternate universe, Yar came to Earth 2,000 years ago in a human form with a group of his messengers or ambassadors called the Synod. And yes, there are 12 of them. Yar came to teach humans how to expand their knowledge and one day advance to the stars. During his time on Earth, he performed feats that could be considered miracles.

The Discarded One represents the devil. He achieved his name for being casted out of a realm called the Beyond where he and Yar once resided. His minions, the Degans are creatures that do many of the same things demons are supposed to do.

Everything in the Bible has happened in this alternate universe. All the key people, places, things, and events are referenced with a science fiction twist. You will know no doubt recognize them.

Now you have the backstory.

The series itself begins in 2016 and culminates in the year 2020. The story will lead to the end days for Earth and the universe. You will see the frightening events of the Book of Revelations unfold before you eyes. You will see the frustrating inevitability of Armageddon played out using events ripped from today’s headlines. There is indeed a modern Antichrist figure, Four Horsemen, a mark of the Beast, and of course, the Great War.

Do not worry though there will be plenty of surprises in store for you.

Nothing is what it seems and the lines are blurred between good and evil. Prepare yourself because in universe of Opportvnvs Adest: What you believe is false. What you know is wrong.

So where lies the truth?

Decide for yourself.

My next post will give you everything need to know for Sidereus Nuncius.

Until then, be well.



Opportvnvs Adest: The Anatomy of a Story. Part II


Glad to have you here.

Last blog I explained  what was behind the name Opportvnvs Adest. This time around I will lay out initial elements of the story itself. So let’s get started.

I had the name of my story: Opportvnvs Adest

I had the concept. Aliens coming to Earth to assist us at various points in history to advance to the stars. The goal would be to join an ever growing group of planets.

So I thought: Ok, I have a shell of a story that I think is pretty cool. Now how I do I start filling in the many gaps to make it a worthwhile read?

Any being coming to Earth especially during the ancient times would be immediately deified. Imagine if you or I could go back to ancient Egypt with a flashlight, matches, a cellphone, and a gun. the people of that era would carve our likeness on caves and build temples in our honor.

Opportvnvs Adest has many beings who were thought of as gods at one time. They are not gods. They are as imperfect and flawed as we humans. They are just more advanced and further along in their evolution.These beings come from a group of interstellar races I call the Collective. They co exist peacefully and share resources to the less advanced planets. Each race  has a specific area they would impart wisdom and aid.

The Anunna introduced the concept of money, while Ignea introduced fire. The robot Ferrum gave us engineering and the Nostrum provided medicine. You will meet these races and others as you progress through the series. There would be one supreme being in charge of these planets and imposes the law. His name is Yar. Much more on him later.

With all these benevolent races, there has to be others out there who run counter to this philosophy. The first nature law of the universe is cause and effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That is where the insidious creatures called Degans come in. Their agenda to spread chaos, corruption, and ultimately destruction. They are led by something called the Discarded One. How these monstrosity got that nomenclature and why his true name can never be said will be explained later.

My story now had opposing sides.

The stage was set.


Good vs Evil.

The universal struggle.

Part III will show you how I mixed science fiction and stories from the bible to add layers to the story.

Be well.

Opportvnvs Adest: The Anatomy of a Story. Part I

I have been asked by more than one person how did I come up with the name Opportvnvs Adest for a book series.

I first got the idea years ago when I read about a mysterious coin dated 1680 from France. One side looks like a like a flying saucer in the clouds over landscape, while the other side displays rainfall on a tree.

The coin has been studied over years but there has been nothing definite that experts can agree on. Some believe the coin represents a UFO sighting and others have speculated it is a representation of Ezekiel’s Wheel in the bible.

Kenneth E. Bressett of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a former President of the 32,000-member American Numismatic Association and owner of the curious coin has this to say:
“Is it supposed to be a UFO of some sort, or a symbolic representation of the Biblical Ezekiel’s wheel? After 50 years of searching, I’ve heard of only one other example of it, and nothing to explain the unusual design.”

The debate rages on.


For me, I decided to embrace the possibility that the coin was created for what people in those days saw in the sky. A flying saucer. The other side with the water on the tree I took as representing growth.

Combining those two theories gave me this thought: What if there is sophisticated life in outer space? And these beings have been visiting our planet since the dawn of man. It would stand to reason these same beings would be benevolent and help us from time to time. Giving us nudges towards greater advancement in science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What is written around the rim of the coin is ‘OPPORTVNVS ADEST’ This translates from Latin to ‘It is here at an opportune time.’

A race of beings coming to Earth to provide guidance when we need them.

My mind started racing and then I thought: If they are helping us, there has to be an end game. Perhaps they want us to come to them. To join them. To be a part of a collective.

A group of planets sending representatives down at various points to gently push Earth to the stars.

I had my story.

Stay tuned for Part II

In the meantime, I would love to hear from anyone who has ever looked up in the sky and thought we are not alone.

Free Preview. Fans of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Please Check it Out.

Sidererus Nuncius


Ethan Howard



The crystalline chamber opened and the male emerged

from his rest cycle. He sat upright, swung his feet out of the

hollow compartment and put them down firmly on the glasslike

surface. He stood up in the center of the room and

performed a self-inventory; he found every part of his body

was functioning at peak capacity. The results were pleasing

and somewhat surprising to the male because he had little time

to heal from his last mission.

The familiar feeling of anticipation swept over the male.

He thought about his masters and why they needed him so

soon after his last undertaking. The twelve beings known as

the Synod had summoned him once again and they would

only do that if the task was a very important one.

He was a Vestigare. Part of an assemblage of 1,656 interstellar

investigators and defenders. Each of these beings was a

carefully selected individual from the large group of united

planets called the Collective. The appearance and abilities of

each Vestigare varied but they were all dedicated to the same

cause: The protection and advancement of the Way of Yar.

Yar was a being of incalculable power and unknown

origins. He was said to reside in the Beyond, a place outside of

the universe and home to the Engelas, Mondjina, and the

Suntis. Yar was also the leader and architect of the Collective –

billions of beings who were under the care, protection and,

some would say, ruler-ship of Yar.

From the Beyond and through the Synod, this all powerful

being spread his influence and philosophy throughout the


Yar’s doctrine dictates that it is the responsibility of the

more advanced race or civilization to provide assistance to

those that are lesser and one day lead them to the stars. From

there, the civilization will join the ever-expanding Collective.

This became known as Yar’s Way.

The Synod was comprised of twelve beings from the

Mondjina race entrusted to speak for Yar. The Mondjina are

tall, thin creatures with large, black, oval shaped eyes that

never blink. Their faces do not contain a nose, only two small

slits on opposite sides of one another; unmoving mouths that

are a darker shade of brown than the rest of their bodies. The

smooth, hairless heads are encircled by a nimbus that is usually

yellow in color. When they speak, it is only through thought

conveyance. The Mondjina do not believe in unnecessary

body movements.

The Synod had reached out from the Beyond with a

thought wave communicating to the male that he was needed

once more.


There were to be no delays.

The male activated the refresher and moved under its green

light. As the green rays bathed the male, he found the feeling

of anticipation being replaced with his sense of honor and

duty. He had lost track of how many revolutions he had been

serving the Synod, and of all the places he had been. This

servitude had become his life. He was considered first among

all Vestigares and because of that distinction, missions had

been virtually nonstop for as long as he could recall. Planets

were always in need of vigilance and protection from threats.

His life mate shared his devotion to the Way, for she had

accepted an assignment in a far off solar system, knowing it

would take many revolutions to complete.

Loathe as he was to admit it, the time apart had weakened

the link which seemed unbreakable at the time of their

bonding. Now there was very little trace of her in his thoughts.

The male thought it strange that he was not saddened by this.

He was confident she felt the same and he knew a severance of

their bond was imminent.

Decisions on their link would have to be answered on

another cycle. The green light shut off and with it, all personal

musings and worries. The male stood in the center of his room

and thought once again about the Synod. The room shifted

and moved and then became aglow in the dimly translucent

field of blue and green hues. The entire dwelling was replaced

and the male found himself in the presence of the Synod.

The Synod watched the Vestigare but said nothing. The

lights around their heads were blinking rapidly, and the male

knew from experience they were speaking amongst themselves.

And most likely about him.

The dark skinned male with coal black eyes stood and

waited patiently for the motionless figures in dark green robes

that stood in a semi-circle to communicate their wishes.

After several moments, the Synod finally spoke.

“Are you well?”

Always the same question.

“Yes,” was the standard answer.

It was immediately followed with, “Is there anything that

will prevent you from successfully completing this latest



He was the most accomplished of all the Vestigares, yet the

question was asked each time he stood before them.

“You will go to the blue planet known as Earth. That world

has not developed as we originally planned. We wish to know

the reason for this. Other planets have progressed with far less

aid, and yet after centuries of assistance and encouragement,

this planet has not had a single being advance past their own

moon. Do you know of this world?”

“Every Vestigare in the Collective is aware of the planet Yar

most favors,” the male said.

The nimbus encircling the heads of the Synod seemed to

shift to a bright red.

The male knew that particular color around their heads

meant a high level of stress for his masters. Failure was not an

option for this undertaking. But then for the dark skinned

male, it never was.

The Synod continued.

“Numerous procurators descended on this planet and

bestowed upon them what was necessary to succeed and join

the Collective but they have not. You will go forth and learn

what has kept them in darkness and savagery. But beware;

humans are still primitive in their behaviors. You must walk

among them to learn their customs as we, the Synod, did

centuries ago. Once there, you will find the cause of Earth’s

stagnation and report back to us.”

“When I find the cause, do you want me to eliminate it?”

“No. Violence on the planet is to be avoided. For now, we

merely desire information.”

The male found the command odd. He sought clarity by

rephrasing the question.

“You wish me to take no direct action once I discover the


“Your mission is to observe and report.”

“Does this order extend to the Degans as well? They are

likely the cause of Earth’s inertia.”

“Your instructions are to only observe and report your

findings to us.”

This directive was strange to the male. The Synod had

never concerned themselves about conflict in the past. It was

expected. ‘The Way of Yar was to be advanced at all costs’ was

what they once told him. Battle was commonplace in the life

of a Vestigare.

Why now, and why on this planet?

Despite his numerous reservations, the male gave his own

standard response.

“Yes, masters.”

“May Yar be with you. We bid you success.”

With that, the glow around the twelve heads shone a bright

yellow and the male found himself alone in his room again.

His superiors had spoken.

Time to depart.

They had given him perhaps the most important mission

any Vestigare ever had.


The familiar feeling of anticipation swept through his body

once more.

A new world to see.

A new world in need of salvation.


Chapter 1: The Man Called


“Beast of darkness, as you have heard this

is the last time. No longer will you wait.

Earth begins its last days. The Third Evil

is here.”

—The Daemoniorum Libris

EARTH. 2018 CE

San Diego, California

The man walked aimlessly through crowds of people. He

noticed how everyone but him moved hurriedly along from

building to building. It was a beautiful day but it was

unseasonably hot and people scrambled along to get from one

air conditioned place to another. The frenetic pace combined

with an inefficient use of energy was mildly troubling. The

heat had no effect on the man because he did not allow it but

humans did not have that luxury. The man had to remind

himself it was simply one of the many differences between him

and such a primitive race.

A primitive race I am here to save despite all of their shortcomings.

No one paid attention as he weaved through the scurrying

masses. To them, he was simply a man of good stature and

build. His skin was dark, like the hair and eyes. He had heard

people refer to him as Afro-American and he had seen many

people in his travels with similar coloring.

Since his arrival on Earth, the ability to remain anonymous

while observing large groups of humans was important. He

had taken the name Quentin, and immersed himself in the

planet’s culture. He walked the globe taking mental snapshots

of all he surveyed, but avoided dialogue with the planet’s

residents unless absolutely necessary.

It was not that Quentin had disdain for humans; he had

never met one. He simply held the belief that none could aid

him in his mission. He was also under direct orders by the

Synod to limit his contact with them and not to engage any

personal relationships.

It was an easy directive to follow. Quentin looked at the

multitude of humans rushing about and thought his enemies

could be masquerading as one of them. He suspected the

hideous shapeshifting Degans were everywhere subtlety

pushing the planet to the brink of destruction.

Everything I have seen on this world tells me the Degans are

here in force. Humans have yet to explore the stars or even their

own oceans. They burn through their natural resources at an

alarming rate and wage war over the most infinitesimal things.

Surely my masters already know the Degans must be responsible.

Why am I here to identify the cause when I should be

concentrating on its destruction?

Quentin reached into the pockets of his pants and felt a

round metal object. The coin-like object gave him a feeling of

comfort while on Earth. He arrived with several but had

misplaced them during his sojourn across the globe. He pulled

out the last one and held it in his palm. He read the

inscription: OPPORTVNVS ADEST. It was the emblem every

Vestigare proudly wore on their armor.

It helped ease the lingering doubts that for some reason had

begun to form in his mind.

The fate of Earth was linked to the salvation of the entire

universe. The most underdeveloped planet I have ever seen must

be preserved at all costs.

Why would such an important assignment be given ONLY to

me? A team of Vestigares LED by me would have a much greater

chance of success. I do not know how many Degans are on the

planet, or what positions of power they have taken. And why

would my masters give an order not to engage the Degans if I

encounter them?

Too many questions with no answers forthcoming.

Quentin stopped his musings and took in his surroundings

once more. San Diego was the first place visited when he

arrived on Earth. Quentin wondered why he was drawn to this

city, in this country.

Could the largest Degan infestation be here?

Quentin was unsure why he had chosen this particular

place on this particular day once again, when there was so

much work to be done. He knew little had been accomplished.

He was no closer to solving Earth’s dilemma than he was when

he arrived. He had not even made contact with fellow

extraterrestrial and friend, Aron.

He had been walking without purpose for a couple of hours

when he realized he had in fact been following a woman and

her child for quite some time. When Quentin first passed by

them, the woman flashed a smile that was both friendly and

alluring. He wondered what he had done to warrant such an

action as his observations told him humans are not that

welcoming. Simple curiosity soon morphed into genuine


Who IS this woman? Was her smile to convey an interest in me

or is she a Degan in disguise? I will learn the answer.

Quentin followed the woman and child as they trudged

through the museums. The boy appeared to have boundless

energy while the woman maintained a smile as she answered,

by Quentin’s calculations, sixty-three questions in eighty-eight


Her patience was impressive. Equally impressive was her

knowledge of art and history. She certainly appeared to know

more than the museum guides, whose acumen did not extend

beyond the pamphlet from which they read. Further

observation yielded the woman was an educator at some level

and the boy was her son. Despite the questions, it became

obvious the boy’s knowledge base belied his years.

Quentin continued to watch and listen as the boy and his

mother engaged in an animated discussion about outer space

at one of the picnic tables. The interest and awareness about

things beyond their own world was unlike anything Quentin

had seen in humans before.

The boy believes there is life beyond Earth but the mother does

not. The mother recognizes only her deity as occupying the space

above the planet.

Quentin found himself intrigued by the woman physically.

She had long dark hair that cascaded past her shoulders. The

woman had a figure with full breasts and shapely hips and legs

that appealed to Quentin on many levels. There was also the

contrast of pale skin and light green eyes that completely

captivated Quentin. Each time she spoke to her son, he found

the sound of her voice soothing.

Her son was beautiful as well. The boy had golden brown

skin and long hair to match that gave him an almost angelic

glow. It made sense to Quentin that such a woman would

produce a fine looking offspring.

The love she displays for her son. The way she smiles at him.

The way he smiles at her. The love is genuine. No Degan is

capable of such a thing. I have watched other humans struggle

with such emotions but not this woman. It flows from her like a

river. I….must learn more about her.

Quentin was so immersed in his thoughts about the

woman that he failed to notice another dark man who had

been following him since he entered the park.

The Museum of Air and Space was the last museum the

woman and child were scheduled to see that day. It brought

squeals of joy from the child. The boy was practically inside

the building when Quentin heard the woman say, “Wait for

me honey. Mom has to pay.”

If I am to meet this woman, it must be now.

Quentin’s dark eyes briefly flashed.

The woman stopped and reached into her purse. A clear

look of panic spread across her face.

“What’s wrong mom?”

“I don’t know sweetie. I set aside money for this, and for us

to go out to dinner, and now there is nothing. Give me a

minute. I must have put it somewhere else.”

A few more moments of hopeful searching through her

purse brought nothing.

Quentin’s face wore a slight grin as he walked towards the

exasperated mother and child.

“I am sorry honey. It must have fallen out somewhere along

the way. That was all the money I set aside for the week.

Looks like its back home for some mac & cheese.”

The disappointment from the boy was evident but his

words said something different.

“That’s okay mom. You know how much I love mac &

cheese. Can we play chess after dinner?”

The woman crouched down to his level, caressed his

cheeks, hugged him and said, “Thank you, honey. Money is

tight but I really planned for this. I don’t understand what

happened. It was there just moments ago.…”

“Excuse me, ma’am. I could not help overhearing and I

think I can be of some assistance.”

The woman stood upright and slowly recoiled with the boy

behind her.

“Do not fear.”

The woman stopped in her tracks and Quentin began

speaking once more.

“You should not let lack of money prevent you from

continuing your outing. Please wait here a moment.”

Quentin walked up to the ticket booth and said,

“Admission for three please.”

After paying, he returned to the stunned woman and child

and handed them their tickets.

“I can’t accept these.”

“Why not?” said a puzzled Quentin. “This makes you and

your son happy. Surely there is no better reason.”

“Please mom. My grades are still tops in my class. I will go

to bed on time. Annnnd you don’t have to play chess with me


The woman’s resolve was clearly crumbling and her son

zoomed in with the argument that he knew would seal his

good fate.

“Besides mom. You do EVERYTHING for everybody

else. It’s time someone did something nice for you.”

“Listen to your boy ma’am. He is wise beyond his years.”

“Don’t I know it,” the woman said. “I raised this boy to be

that way. Okay. Okay. I know when I am outnumbered. We

go on two conditions. One, you must stop calling me ma’am.

It makes me feel like an old schoolmarm.”

“But you are. You’re like thirty five!” the boy interjected.

“Thanks for throwing mom under the bus.”

This comment set the boy off into a fit of laughter and he

dropped to the ground in dramatic humorous fashion.

“Enough, young man. Stand up and introduce yourself to

the gentleman. My name is Regina.”

“And I’m Dante,” the boy said jumping in front of his

mother and extending his hand to Quentin.

“Pleased to meet you both,” Quentin said, accepting the

hand of the boy.

“Now,” Quentin said turning his attention to Regina,

“what is the last condition upon which we may enter the


Now it was Regina’s turn to smile. It was the same slightly

seductive smile she gave him earlier when he was just another


“You must tell us your name. What is your name?”

Quentin returned the smile and said, “My name is

Quentin… Quentin Dyari.”

Another man watched the scene from a distance. Quentin

had finally made contact with the woman and her son. The

man was pleased with the results. Intervention would not be

necessary. At least for now. Smiling, the man sauntered up to

the Museum of Air and Space, paid his admission and casually

walked inside out of the summer heat.

“That was soooo much fun. Mr. Quentin has to come back

with us again. Is there ANYTHING you don’t know about


Dante burst through the exit doors and into the still

scorching heat leaving his new found friend and mother in his


Regina turned to Quentin and said, “I cannot thank you

enough. It has been a long time since I have seen this much

light in Dante’s eyes.”

“It was truly my pleasure,” Quentin replied. “I find it quite

encouraging that one so young takes an interest in the stars.”

This statement piqued Regina’s interest. “Why is that?”

Quentin stopped walking and looked to the blue sky.

After a pause, he said, “Mankind has not taken the proper

steps. There is so much pain and misery on Earth, yet people

here refuse to embrace what surrounds them. The answers to

all of your questions are above. Yet here you all remain.

Rooted to the ground. Captives to the elements. Slaves to

gravity, lack of knowledge and the deluge of misinformation

that is circulated daily.”

His eyes met hers. “That is why.”

Regina opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by

Dante who, at this time was at the car complaining of hunger.

Quentin wanted to keep talking to this woman but he knew

he must break off contact. He was already in violation of his


Quentin continued to look into Regina’s eyes and the

thought of saying goodbye at this time was surprisingly


Why does she seem familiar to me? I feel I have encountered

her before, but that is impossible. And why does she intrigue me

like no other?

Dante had returned to the adults. He was hugging Regina

as she was speaking. Both were smiling.

“……such a special day. Would you like to have dinner

with us tonight?”

Quentin’s mind was a tsunami of thoughts but all he found

himself saying was, “Yes, I would like that very much.”

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