Opportvnvs Adest: The Anatomy of a Story. Part II


Glad to have you here.

Last blog I explained  what was behind the name Opportvnvs Adest. This time around I will lay out initial elements of the story itself. So let’s get started.

I had the name of my story: Opportvnvs Adest

I had the concept. Aliens coming to Earth to assist us at various points in history to advance to the stars. The goal would be to join an ever growing group of planets.

So I thought: Ok, I have a shell of a story that I think is pretty cool. Now how I do I start filling in the many gaps to make it a worthwhile read?

Any being coming to Earth especially during the ancient times would be immediately deified. Imagine if you or I could go back to ancient Egypt with a flashlight, matches, a cellphone, and a gun. the people of that era would carve our likeness on caves and build temples in our honor.

Opportvnvs Adest has many beings who were thought of as gods at one time. They are not gods. They are as imperfect and flawed as we humans. They are just more advanced and further along in their evolution.These beings come from a group of interstellar races I call the Collective. They co exist peacefully and share resources to the less advanced planets. Each race  has a specific area they would impart wisdom and aid.

The Anunna introduced the concept of money, while Ignea introduced fire. The robot Ferrum gave us engineering and the Nostrum provided medicine. You will meet these races and others as you progress through the series. There would be one supreme being in charge of these planets and imposes the law. His name is Yar. Much more on him later.

With all these benevolent races, there has to be others out there who run counter to this philosophy. The first nature law of the universe is cause and effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That is where the insidious creatures called Degans come in. Their agenda to spread chaos, corruption, and ultimately destruction. They are led by something called the Discarded One. How these monstrosity got that nomenclature and why his true name can never be said will be explained later.

My story now had opposing sides.

The stage was set.


Good vs Evil.

The universal struggle.

Part III will show you how I mixed science fiction and stories from the bible to add layers to the story.

Be well.


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