Alan Moore & Jess Nevins : Their Impact on a Writer.


Last time I wrote about Crisis on Infinite Earths and how it helped me crafting a story.

This time I want to say a few words about the legendary comic scribe, Alan Moore and another talented man by the name of Jess Nevins.

Mr. Moore certainly needs no introduction from me, but what the hell. I am going to give him one anyway.

If you read comics, there is little doubt you know who this man is. If you don’t, I am sure you have seen his works on the big screen. Mr. Moore is responsible for Batman: The Killing Joke, V for Vendetta, From Hell, various Swamp Thing stories, the last pre-crisis Superman story, Watchmen, and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LOEG). That is just to name a few.

It is the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  I want to touch on.

Forget what you saw in the theaters, LOEG is one amazing piece of work in its singular form and its totality. Moore takes starts out with an assembly of Victorian characters and weaves a mystery story. It gets even better with his other volumes. In other words, Moore created an alternate universe using pre-established and recognizable characters from Sherlock Holmes, the Invisible Man, to James Bond, and later Harry Potter. Moore even created an Almanac for all of the references.

Absolutely brilliant!

When I finally sat down and began typing out the Sidereus Nuncius, it was only going to be a short story with an ambiguous ending. Then it struck me that I should  borrow from the master storyteller.

The lead character in Sidereus is an alien who calls himself Quentin who comes to Earth with a message to the human race of an impending disaster . In the original draft, he falls in love with a human woman and decides to remain on Earth and face the doom with the humans.

Standard fare, I thought as a love story. Thanks to Moore, I started giving Quentin a backstory. Who are his masters and why do they even care about Earth? Are there other protectors/messengers out there? If there are benevolent aliens, then there has to be bad ones, right? Maybe aliens have been coming to our planet all along, helping or hurting us.

These races who lived on other planets needed names.

Suddenly I had a growing universe.

I invented a number of characters from scratch but I also took many from previous legends, myths, fairy tales, and works from well known authors and gave them a new spin. Why reinvent the wheel when there is so much rich literature to draw from?

Opportvnvs Adest is like peeling back an onion. The further along you get, the more characters and worlds you discover. So many that I created an encyclopedia (A-Z) for the all the events, worlds, weapons, and characters. I also put together an Earth time that begins 4.6 billion years ago and culminates in 2020. It took a great deal of research mixing and changing real life events over the centuries to fit my alternate universe, but I have to tell you it was quite enjoyable.

I believe you will feel the same after reading them.

Jess Nevins is an award nominated author and a librarian. He is responsible for annotating LOEG various volumes. This man has successfully identified every character, every building, every veiled reference in the stories. After reading his exhaustive work on Moore, I was completely  sold on the creative talent of both men.

In some ways, the Opportvnvs Adest series is a way of saying thank you to them for unlocking whatever creativity I attempt to claim.

Thanks for checking in.

Have fun because in 2020 Earth will….whoops can’t say that yet!

Until next time.


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