The Anti-Life Manifesto is Available

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As promised, the Anti-Life Manifesto is ready to be sent out via electronically to all of you.

This is the declaration of Rex Talion to wreck havoc on the world he hates so much. It is an excellent lead in to Hostis Humani Generis (Enemy of the Human Race) Book Two coming soon.

You get a first look into the mind of the worst human being ever in literature.

Don’t believe me, check it out and tell me what you think.

Please email me at and I will get your copy out to you as fast as I can type.

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Q & A with a Writer

Hello there.

I wanted to share the interview I had with a San Diego Neighborhood Book Signing.David Russell, Oracle Project Manager spearheaded the event and this an excerpt from the question & answer session.

Thank you, David.

Ethan Howard Q & A:

Q1. Ethan can you tell us what character is most like yourself?

Q1. Without a doubt it would be Quentin. He is a man who questions his duty and purpose throughout the series. He is sent on a mission and conflicted if he should actually be doing the things he is asked to do.  As a member of the Armed Forces, I have had those same thoughts creep into my head from time to time during assignments.

Q2. Who has inspired you the most to be a writer?

Q2. There are too many to list but since you asked  for just one, I will say Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen finally pushed me to sit down at my computer and start writing. In addition to being a an excellent writer, Moore is also a student of literature and history. I was amazed at how much detail he puts into his work. I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a writer by reading his work and the work of his sometime annotator, Jess Nevins.  

Q3. Do you really believe in Aliens or are you just a guy with an overactive imagination?

Q3. My wife would absolutely say I have an overactive imagination and I would agree with her. I do believe there is life on other planets. The notion is not so outlandish when you consider that just over five centuries ago, we thought the world was flat and if you sailed too far, your ship would drop off the planet. We laugh at the notion now but I suspect future generations will scoff at us thinking we are the only sentient beings in the universe.

Q4. There are a lot of strong female characters in your story. Why is that?

Q4. I believe women are as capable as men in all aspects of life. I did not consciously make an effort to show this, but I am glad you noticed.

Q5. Do you think readers of Sci-Fi will be turned off by the retelling of Christianity, to put it mildly?

Q5. I hope not. I respect all beliefs. My story does not in any way dismiss the notion of God or Christianity.   What I do is challenge how people interpret what they have read and been taught. We see it in our lives now where often the smallest piece of information passed from one person to the next is inaccurate. Now take that notion and apply it to vast amounts of information/stories circulating for thousands of years. How accurate is it going to be? Things are bound to be confused and twisted because we are human, and to be human is to be flawed.  Stay with the series and you will see this play out in a big way.

Q6. Do think Sci-Fi/Fantasy readers are receptive to the idea of a Black Man/White Woman relationship?

Q6. I have found Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans to be the most open-minded people on the planet. Quentin being black is not some cheap stunt to draw controversy or some political statement. There is reason why his skin color happens to be dark and the tale behind it is essential to the character. The reader will learn this in Book Three and it will make sense. 

Q7. Is there an overall theme to your work that you would like to share with us?

Q7. The Opportvnvs Adest series is a science fiction take on the Great War that is prevalent in every religion . Along the way, I explain the origins behind legends, myths, fairytales, and folklore throughout the world. I venture into why the planet is littered with so many fantastic unexplained things like the Pyramids, Stonehenge, UFOs, etc. The theme of the series deep dives into these things along with the bible. I challenge many of the things we have been taught in a big way.

Q8. Finally, give us a peek into what is going to happen with the rest of the Opportvnvs Adest series. What can fans look for from you in the next few years?

Q8. Sidereus Nuncius is only the introduction to the alternate universe I have created for Earth and the rest of the universe. The other books will be released one after another so readers can enjoy binge reading and not wait. Hostis Humani Generis (Book Two) will explore the origins behind Rex Talion and how he allied himself with the Degans. Temet Nosce (Book Three) will show Earth on the precipice of Armageddon and how the main characters react to the state of affairs. Finis Omnium Reum (Book Four) All hell breaks loose. Literally.

Once the complete series is out there, I will release The Encyclopedia of Opportvnvs Adest. This is a 100 page book that goes into detail about the characters, worlds, weapons you meet. It will go into those only mentioned, and backstories of others in the universe not encountered in the series.

Expect the unexpected and expect to be entertained. Many other characters will be introduced and their motivations may or may not be clear to you. There will be plenty of bread crumbs for the reader to devour along the way so he/she is not cheated each time there is a revelation.  The more you learn, the more questions you will have as the story unravels. Nothing is what it appears to be.

The Opportvnvs Adest Timeline will be follow Book Four.

This was without a doubt my favorite and most ambitious part of crafting the series. Here I will give readers the history of my alternate Earth from 4.6 billion years ago to 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed mixing and matching real historic events with my twisted take on the world. You want to know heavily debated topics like why the pyramids were built, did Atlantis exist, or who really killed Kennedy. I have your answers those questions and many more. 

Remember this is the world of Opportvnvs Adest. What you believe is false. What you know is untrue. So where lies the truth? Decide for your yourself.
I really enjoyed meeting with fellow readers and writers and talking shop. There is so much creativity out there, my only regret is not having time to read all. But it will not stop  me from trying.

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The Anti-Life Manifesto

Hello there.

Throughout history, we know there have been would be dictators, conquerors, and stone cold killers who have written  declarations of intent.

The Megalomaniac in the Opportvnvs Adest series, Rex Talion has created one too and it is called The Anti-Life Manifesto. 

This 8 page story will bring you deep into the mind of the madman who is pushing the world to doomsday. Prepare to be entertained and shocked.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now anyone who subscribes for my blog will get it FREE. Folks that have already done so, a big THANK YOU! Yours is on the way.

People who have read Sidereus Nuncius and give it a review on Amazon & Goodreads will get it free as well.

I also will be releasing the other three parts to the Opportvnvs Adest series in rapid session VERY SOON so the Manifesto will be the perfect addition to the story.

Rex Talion appeared briefly in Sidereus Nuncius and you learn a little bit about him. That will change because Talion takes center stage in Hostis Humani Generis, Temet Nosce, and the final installment which is appropriately called Finis Omnium Reum.

Oh, if you have not checked out Sidereus Nuncius, I STILL have much love for you. You can snag it on Amazon.

You will be happy that you did.


See you soon.

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Book Review: Prescription For Ratings: The Committe

After watching two rather exciting football games, I read a treasure of a short story called Prescription for Ratings: The Committee by James Courtney & Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills.

The story takes place in the year 3208 where the rich and powerful exploit and degrade the less fortunate.

You would think society would have learned something by the 33rd century!

Well I can tell you that is not the case. The less fortunate (or D-Classers) fight in brutal fashion on television for the entertainment of the masses and profit for the elite.

Mills & Courtney do an excellent job of keeping the action and dialogue crisp. This is Part Two of their series, and I was able to understand and enjoy the overall story and concept after a couple paragraphs.

Conflict is often an essential ingredient for a good story and Mills & Courtney deliver on this as well. The protagonist, Dr. Tyler Wright is an intelligent, caring man. He is also a weak man and succumbs to stronger wills around him. I am hoping he will get a backbone and no longer be a part of a society he secretly abhors.

Oh, there is also a very interesting mystery at the end of the story that has me looking forward to Part Three.

Well done, people. Thank you for the creativity. You have a new fan.


Evil Personified


Hello there.

I left off the last blog saying I would discuss some of the characters in Book Two of the Opportvnvs Adest series.

For now, I only want to focus on Rex Talion.

Much of the book is devoted to him and his rise to power.

Now I read comics and watch action movies like many of you out there and we have seen a number of great villains. I said in the previous bog, Talion is the worst of the worst and I mean it.

Now you may ask: What separates this guy from a Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, Loki, or classic Bond bad guy?

I would answer there is a likeable factor with them. Many of those baddies have things you  like about them. A nobility, a sense of honor, reclaiming past glory, or a protective nature that leads some misguided and sometimes terrible actions.

Ultimately those bad guys want to RULE.

Rex Talion wants to kill every living thing on the planet and grind the world into dust. Hence the title Hostis Humani Generis (Enemy of the Human Race)

Talion does not talk about his plans to an adversary or create exotic deathtraps. No, if you are on his radar, there is only one outcome. Pure and simple. No compromise.  Every human is plaything waiting to be destroyed by his hand.

He is THE Apex Predator among man.

You get the idea.

Let us go a little deeper.

There are three things that determine just how much damage a bad guy can and will do. Those things are means, motive, and opportunity.

Going with real life here for a moment. Ted Bundy was certainly evil by most standards. Research states he had a tumultuous childhood and a number of sexual issues. He was a predator who deeply hated women but limited to traveling in a beat up VW bug and doing odd jobs. He was also considered an attractive man with a gift of gab. Thank goodness we did not have the internet back in the 70’s.

Now take someone like that and give him money, power, and fame. Mix in tactical brilliance, a superiority complex, and a group of allies from hell (literally) and you have Rex Talion.

. Book Two gives you Talion’s origin. What would turn someone into such a monster? The story will lay it all out. As I was writing it, I was forced to look at myself and ask, how would I react if I were put in similar  circumstances. Could I retain the goodness I claim to have?

Now nearly every megalomaniac, spree killer, etc., has a written document explaining the reasons for their actions. Talion is no different.

Before Hostis Humani Generis is released, I will be putting out something called the Anti-Life Manifesto.

This little 3 page story will outline the aforementioned  means, motive, and opportunity for Rex Talion in his own words. It will be a great set up for Hostis story and give you a view of the world  through the eyes of a madman.

Oh…..and its free. It will be released on various sites soon. Stay tuned. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

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Hostis Humani Generis: Free Will vs Predestination

Hello there.

I hope the new year brought you much joy.

Now let us get down to it.

Sidereus Nuncius introduced you to the Opportvnvs Adest universe. You had chance to meet the central characters, Quentin, Regina & Dante Tate, and Rex Talion, albeit very briefly.

I recapped the story in my last blog so I will not do it again.

Hostis Humani Generis .

The title means the enemy of the human race.

This story is very different from Sidereus Nuncius. Sidereus set the stage for the series but Part Two takes you in a  different direction.

Do not worry, Quentin is in the story too. In fact, there is a big revelation about him. I left plenty bread crumbs in Sidereus and  a few readers have  private messaged and nailed what it is.

Props to them.

Back to Hostis. Know that it is twice as long as Part One and it focuses on what may be the most vile, evil character in literature, Rex Talion.

While Sidereus hints at Talion’s intentions, Hostis puts it all on display. He is the king of terror and  you are going to meet this man as a child and learn the events that shaped him.

I should warn you, these things I show you are not pretty, nor are the things this man does to ascend to power. He does it through through murder and mayhem.

Why does Rex Talion do these things?

The simple answer would be: because he can. Being the world’s richest man has it perks. However, it goes deeper than that. Talion is angry about his childhood (like so many people, right?) and wants to punish the world. He also has been told it is his destiny to  destroy the world.

The latter part is because he receives information out of a certain book identifying Talion as the third and final evil  who will usher chaos and destruction into the 21st century.

There are parts of Hostis where Talion struggles with this. The thought even terrifies him. He is faced with the ability to reject it all at various points in the story, but he choses not to. He embraces evil.

Free will. We all have it. At least, I would like to think we do  and we are not just playing out some cosmic string.

What do YOU think?

I have this phrase I use in life and in this series when one is on the precipice of a defining moment: “Decide for yourself”

Thoughts for another time………

In the next blog, I will identify some of the new characters in Part Two. There are plenty and you might need a scorecard, but I can assure you that everyone you meet is vital in the grand scheme of the story and they are quite interesting.

That is all for now.

Be well.







The Truth is aLIEn: Sidereus Nuncius

The Truth is ALieN


Hello everyone.

I posted the promo I used at the last book signing. It is a consistent theme throughout the series.

As promised, here is a synopsis of Sidereus Nuncius (Book One):

A powerful and enigmatic stranger from the stars is sent to save Earth from possible evil forces embedded into civilization in 2018. The visitor calls himself Quentin and he is a Vestigare, an interstellar investigator and defender of the group of planets that form the Collective.

Quentin has inner conflict because he believes the true purpose of his mission is different from the one his masters gave him. He begins to have ominous visions of a destroyed planet (possibly Earth) which causes him to doubt his chances of mission success. Quentin’s worse fears are realized as he learns the entire planet is infested with Degans, the hideous masters of deception who are manipulating humans on all four corners of the world. Nothing is what it appears to be.

In the shadows, allied with these cosmic monsters, stands Rex Talion, the world’s richest man. Unknown to the world, Talion is the anti-life for planet Earth, the third and final great evil foretold in Degan prophecy. He is destined to accelerate Earth toward doomsday.

To further complicate matters, Quentin has become infatuated with a human woman, Regina Tate and her son, Dante.

The battle weary Quentin allows his feelings for Regina to interfere with his assignment and this allows Talion and the Degans to operate with impunity. His dilemma: continue a doomed relationship with a human or carry out an assignment he does not believe in from superiors he no longer trusts.

Okay, still with me?

I had readers tell me the story is a lot like a mystery and the science fiction/fantasy is incidental. This was done on purpose because I leave clues everywhere for what I consider to be some big revelations later in the series.

Part One ends with serious dilemmas for each of the main characters.

There will not be wait for the next story. We live in the world where binge watching (Netflix) is king. So with that in mind, I will bring binge reading to the table.

Part Two is on its way. In the coming blogs I will give the background on it.  I should warn you though, some parts might be disturbing because I give evil a face and show what a person will do when pushed to the brink and beyond.