The Truth is aLIEn: Sidereus Nuncius

The Truth is ALieN


Hello everyone.

I posted the promo I used at the last book signing. It is a consistent theme throughout the series.

As promised, here is a synopsis of Sidereus Nuncius (Book One):

A powerful and enigmatic stranger from the stars is sent to save Earth from possible evil forces embedded into civilization in 2018. The visitor calls himself Quentin and he is a Vestigare, an interstellar investigator and defender of the group of planets that form the Collective.

Quentin has inner conflict because he believes the true purpose of his mission is different from the one his masters gave him. He begins to have ominous visions of a destroyed planet (possibly Earth) which causes him to doubt his chances of mission success. Quentin’s worse fears are realized as he learns the entire planet is infested with Degans, the hideous masters of deception who are manipulating humans on all four corners of the world. Nothing is what it appears to be.

In the shadows, allied with these cosmic monsters, stands Rex Talion, the world’s richest man. Unknown to the world, Talion is the anti-life for planet Earth, the third and final great evil foretold in Degan prophecy. He is destined to accelerate Earth toward doomsday.

To further complicate matters, Quentin has become infatuated with a human woman, Regina Tate and her son, Dante.

The battle weary Quentin allows his feelings for Regina to interfere with his assignment and this allows Talion and the Degans to operate with impunity. His dilemma: continue a doomed relationship with a human or carry out an assignment he does not believe in from superiors he no longer trusts.

Okay, still with me?

I had readers tell me the story is a lot like a mystery and the science fiction/fantasy is incidental. This was done on purpose because I leave clues everywhere for what I consider to be some big revelations later in the series.

Part One ends with serious dilemmas for each of the main characters.

There will not be wait for the next story. We live in the world where binge watching (Netflix) is king. So with that in mind, I will bring binge reading to the table.

Part Two is on its way. In the coming blogs I will give the background on it.  I should warn you though, some parts might be disturbing because I give evil a face and show what a person will do when pushed to the brink and beyond.




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