Evil Personified


Hello there.

I left off the last blog saying I would discuss some of the characters in Book Two of the Opportvnvs Adest series.

For now, I only want to focus on Rex Talion.

Much of the book is devoted to him and his rise to power.

Now I read comics and watch action movies like many of you out there and we have seen a number of great villains. I said in the previous bog, Talion is the worst of the worst and I mean it.

Now you may ask: What separates this guy from a Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, Loki, or classic Bond bad guy?

I would answer there is a likeable factor with them. Many of those baddies have things you  like about them. A nobility, a sense of honor, reclaiming past glory, or a protective nature that leads some misguided and sometimes terrible actions.

Ultimately those bad guys want to RULE.

Rex Talion wants to kill every living thing on the planet and grind the world into dust. Hence the title Hostis Humani Generis (Enemy of the Human Race)

Talion does not talk about his plans to an adversary or create exotic deathtraps. No, if you are on his radar, there is only one outcome. Pure and simple. No compromise.  Every human is plaything waiting to be destroyed by his hand.

He is THE Apex Predator among man.

You get the idea.

Let us go a little deeper.

There are three things that determine just how much damage a bad guy can and will do. Those things are means, motive, and opportunity.

Going with real life here for a moment. Ted Bundy was certainly evil by most standards. Research states he had a tumultuous childhood and a number of sexual issues. He was a predator who deeply hated women but limited to traveling in a beat up VW bug and doing odd jobs. He was also considered an attractive man with a gift of gab. Thank goodness we did not have the internet back in the 70’s.

Now take someone like that and give him money, power, and fame. Mix in tactical brilliance, a superiority complex, and a group of allies from hell (literally) and you have Rex Talion.

. Book Two gives you Talion’s origin. What would turn someone into such a monster? The story will lay it all out. As I was writing it, I was forced to look at myself and ask, how would I react if I were put in similar  circumstances. Could I retain the goodness I claim to have?

Now nearly every megalomaniac, spree killer, etc., has a written document explaining the reasons for their actions. Talion is no different.

Before Hostis Humani Generis is released, I will be putting out something called the Anti-Life Manifesto.

This little 3 page story will outline the aforementioned  means, motive, and opportunity for Rex Talion in his own words. It will be a great set up for Hostis story and give you a view of the world  through the eyes of a madman.

Oh…..and its free. It will be released on various sites soon. Stay tuned. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Until next time.












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