Book Review: Prescription For Ratings: The Committe

After watching two rather exciting football games, I read a treasure of a short story called Prescription for Ratings: The Committee by James Courtney & Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills.

The story takes place in the year 3208 where the rich and powerful exploit and degrade the less fortunate.

You would think society would have learned something by the 33rd century!

Well I can tell you that is not the case. The less fortunate (or D-Classers) fight in brutal fashion on television for the entertainment of the masses and profit for the elite.

Mills & Courtney do an excellent job of keeping the action and dialogue crisp. This is Part Two of their series, and I was able to understand and enjoy the overall story and concept after a couple paragraphs.

Conflict is often an essential ingredient for a good story and Mills & Courtney deliver on this as well. The protagonist, Dr. Tyler Wright is an intelligent, caring man. He is also a weak man and succumbs to stronger wills around him. I am hoping he will get a backbone and no longer be a part of a society he secretly abhors.

Oh, there is also a very interesting mystery at the end of the story that has me looking forward to Part Three.

Well done, people. Thank you for the creativity. You have a new fan.



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