Indie Addicts in LA


I want to send a special thanks to CK Green and the Kingston Publishing Company who sponsored an indie author event at the Embassy in LA.

It was a small but intimate event where authors (like myself) could truly spend time with interested readers.

I had a blast conversing with science fiction fans about time travel, life on other planets, and whatever our geek out minds could think of.

On a secondary note, I even sold books!

By the way, I know it would have helped if I had been in some of the pictures, or taken some with the fans. Please do not judge me too harshly, I am learning this business as I go. I am however enjoying every moment of this ride.

Keep the writing going, fellow Indie brothers and sisters and I will talk to you very soon.




A Call to All Indie Writers, Artists and Creators

Hello out there, Indie brothers and sisters.

Looking for a little more exposure? Want to interact with people and show off your talent?

Got just the thing for you!

Those of you who live in San Diego, there is a Creative Expo for Indie Writers and Artists, etc. Saturday August 26th 12pm-3pm.

There is room for at least 12 tables.

No entry or vendor fee. Folks who have a table get to keep ALL proceeds.

The kind people at the Irenic are kind enough to allow use of the facility. It is a great building and perfect for this kind of venue.

Come for an afternoon of conversing with authors, artists, editors and other creative people in the community.

Chat live and in person with San Diego authors and view the works of local artists, all while enjoying adult beverages and goodies.

Books and original artwork will be available for purchase.

Co-hosted by Imprint Publishing and Bar None 🥂.  Beer, wine, refreshments and treats will be served.

Contact Robyn R. at 619-952-9414 to get your table or if you simply wish to attend. Any other questions, feel free to reach to me as well.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Those who do not live in San Diego are welcome to of course!