Indie Author Signing at Mysterious Galaxy Book Store

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Hello out there.

Just a little fun thing I wanted to share.

And much thanks to fellow author Rusty Trimble (The Revenge of Jack Frost, The Andrew Chronicles) for putting this “newspaper” together for the event.

I will be out there with 20 other Indie Authors on Sept. 23 from 12pm-3pm. All those in the San Diego area, come out and enjoy the fun.

I will be signing Starry Messenger (Book One of the Opportvnvs Adest series)

Oh, if you cannot make it, check it out on the Mysterious Galaxy website¬†for a signed coy….if you dare.

Peace to all.




A Call to All Indie Writers, Artists and Creators

Hello out there, Indie brothers and sisters.

Looking for a little more exposure? Want to interact with people and show off your talent?

Got just the thing for you!

Those of you who live in San Diego, there is a Creative Expo for Indie Writers and Artists, etc. Saturday August 26th 12pm-3pm.

There is room for at least 12 tables.

No entry or vendor fee. Folks who have a table get to keep ALL proceeds.

The kind people at the Irenic are kind enough to allow use of the facility. It is a great building and perfect for this kind of venue.

Come for an afternoon of conversing with authors, artists, editors and other creative people in the community.

Chat live and in person with San Diego authors and view the works of local artists, all while enjoying adult beverages and goodies.

Books and original artwork will be available for purchase.

Co-hosted by Imprint Publishing and Bar None ūü•ā.¬† Beer, wine, refreshments and treats will be served.

Contact Robyn R. at 619-952-9414 to get your table or if you simply wish to attend. Any other questions, feel free to reach to me as well.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Those who do not live in San Diego are welcome to of course!

Leftovers From San Diego Comic Con

I would highly encourage authors, writers, and artists if they can afford it, go to the San Diego Comic Con at least once.

Sure there is plenty of eye candy (movie stars, toys, creative costumes, etc) but I am referring to the people you meet and converse with.

There are so many indie writers and artists walking around.

It’s easy to strike up a dialogue. Being an (aspiring?) writer myself, it is helpful to be around so much creativity and get tips on the trade.

I met a few gentleman starting a new comic line called Vault Comics and purchased advanced previews of their books (Failsafe, Colossi, Karma Police, Fissure, Powerless). Good stuff with fresh artwork.

Also of importance, they were just a bunch of cool fellows.

I will be checking out their books when they hit the shelves Feb 2017.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the release of Temet Nosce (Know Thy Self) Book Three of the Opportvnvs Adest series. I will dropping tidbits about it in the coming days.

Oh, if you have not checked out the previous two stories, do yourselves a favor and pick¬†them up…….you just may be glad you did.




Tips & Tidbits from an Indie Author

Hello out there.

I like to share information and any wisdom I collect to fellow authors out there.

San Diego just¬†wrapped a free Writer’s Expo at University of Phoenix Campus. The Topics included¬†:
‚óŹ From Concept to Publisher—How a concept becomes a successful book
‚óŹ All About the Voice—Writing that moves the reader
‚óŹ Writing and the Law—What every author should know

There were a number of cool indie authors and publishers there. It was a way to talk to students about their writing ideas, and promote your own work.

I urge you, my brothers and sisters in the craft to look in your prospective city for such events and book yourself.

Last but not least, I want to thank, Mark Kvalvik for hosting, Antonio Vianna (Author of Secrets Kept Hidden & so many other books) for thinking enough about me to send me an invitation AND to my editor, Robyn Ramsey from Imprint Publishing for attending in my stead at the last moment.

I unfortunately had hernia surgery (sorry if TMI) and was not well enough to make it.

Thank you Robyn. I know you had to hand write your sign but your presence was oh-so- important!


Authors, if you need an indie publisher with a personal touch, I would recommend these folks.

Peace to all





The Anti-Life Manifesto is Available

Hello there, subscribers.

As promised, the Anti-Life Manifesto is ready to be sent out via electronically to all of you.

This is the declaration of Rex Talion to wreck havoc on the world he hates so much. It is an excellent lead in to Hostis Humani Generis (Enemy of the Human Race) Book Two coming soon.

You get a first look into the mind of the worst human being ever in literature.

Don’t believe me, check it out and tell me what you think.

Please email me at and I will get your copy out to you as fast as I can type.

If you have not signed up for the blog, feel free to do so.  And do not let your friends ( if they are fans of mayhem, destruction, and downright badness) miss out on this free offer!

Until next time.

Be well.



The Anti-Life Manifesto

Hello there.

Throughout history, we know there have been would be dictators, conquerors, and stone cold killers who have written  declarations of intent.

The Megalomaniac in the Opportvnvs Adest series, Rex Talion has created one too and it is called The Anti-Life Manifesto. 

This 8 page story will bring you deep into the mind of the madman who is pushing the world to doomsday. Prepare to be entertained and shocked.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now anyone who subscribes for my blog will get it FREE. Folks that have already done so, a big THANK YOU! Yours is on the way.

People who have read Sidereus Nuncius and give it a review on Amazon & Goodreads will get it free as well.

I also will be releasing the other three parts to the Opportvnvs Adest series in rapid session VERY SOON so the Manifesto will be the perfect addition to the story.

Rex Talion appeared briefly in Sidereus Nuncius and you learn a little bit about him. That will change because Talion takes center stage in Hostis Humani Generis, Temet Nosce, and the final installment which is appropriately called Finis Omnium Reum.

Oh, if you have not checked out Sidereus Nuncius, I STILL have much love for you. You can snag it on Amazon.

You will be happy that you did.


See you soon.

Be well.