Leftovers From San Diego Comic Con

I would highly encourage authors, writers, and artists if they can afford it, go to the San Diego Comic Con at least once.

Sure there is plenty of eye candy (movie stars, toys, creative costumes, etc) but I am referring to the people you meet and converse with.

There are so many indie writers and artists walking around.

It’s easy to strike up a dialogue. Being an (aspiring?) writer myself, it is helpful to be around so much creativity and get tips on the trade.

I met a few gentleman starting a new comic line called Vault Comics and purchased advanced previews of their books (Failsafe, Colossi, Karma Police, Fissure, Powerless). Good stuff with fresh artwork.

Also of importance, they were just a bunch of cool fellows.

I will be checking out their books when they hit the shelves Feb 2017.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the release of Temet Nosce (Know Thy Self) Book Three of the Opportvnvs Adest series. I will dropping tidbits about it in the coming days.

Oh, if you have not checked out the previous two stories, do yourselves a favor and pick them up…….you just may be glad you did.





The Year of the Superhero

Hello out there, folks.

Just came from a second viewing of Captain America: Civil War and I have to say I like it as much as I did the first time.

If you like superhero movies and TV shows like me, than you are happy because there is no end in sight for the genre with Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange, Thor 3, Spiderman: Homecoming on the way. Flash is still interesting after 2 seasons and Netflix will have Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the Defenders on the way.

Having said that, we are at the halfway point of 2016 and I thought it would be cool to take a moment and pay a little homage to the year 1966.

Why 1966, you ask?

Well, if not for that year, we likely would not have the comic book big screen entertainment that we enjoy today.

I call 1966 the year of the superhero.

You always had comics. Superman began in 1938 for DC and Marvel really came on the scene 1961 with the Fantastic Four.

By 1965, you had all the biggies seeing print like Spidey, FF, Avengers, Batman, JLA, DD, Cap, Iron Man, X-Men, etc. Good stuff, but comics were still a small niche audience and by my parents recollection and other people I have interacted with from those days, quite a novelty.

Enter 1966

At least 90% of America had a TV in their homes and superheroes took over.

There were Marvel Superhero Cartoons during the week by Grantray-Lawrence that produced Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Sub-Mariner. Now the animation was…um..terrible and it was basically filming comic book pages, BUT you at least could watch them.

.You had the Super 6, King Kong (yes, they made him into a cartoon) Superman and Lone Ranger.

Still not convinced about 1966?

There was the Mighty Heroes, the Impossibles, Frankenstein Jr, and perhaps the most entertaining of them all, Space Ghost strutting their stuff on Saturday mornings.

All of this opened the door to renewed interest in Manga/Anime.

Astro Boy, 8th man, Kimba, and Prince Planet had all debuted the summer of 65 but the interest was lukewarm. Only Kimba was in color.

Japan stepped it up and gave us two great live action (color) shows in 1966 called Ultraman and Space Giants. A quick note about Space Giants: Do yourself a favor and check it out. It had all kinds of drama and things did not always conclude by the end of the show. If you like Dr. Who, you might like Space Giants.

There was also Marine Boy, a kid with a special suit who could chew gum, breathe and talk underwater. He was also friends with a dolphin and a mermaid.

No kidding.

Remember the cheesy, but beloved Batman TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward? That was in 1966 too. Kapow!

Because of the success of 1966, the networks decided to ramp things up even more the following year. Speed Racer, the Fantastic Four (my personal favorite), Herculoids, Spiderman (artwork by the John Romita Sr!), Shazam (the genie, not Captain Marvel), Super President, Birdman, Moby Dick, Galaxy Trio, Mightor, Samson and Goliath, and Jonny Quest all premiered in 1967. Whew!

DC caught the fever and produced Green Lantern, Flash, Superboy (with Krypto) Atom, Hawkman, Aquaman, and Teen Titans, and the JLA.

People complained about too much violence and a lot of those shows went off the air by 1969-70, but the seeds were planted and we are reaping the benefits today.

A special thanks to Hanna Barbara, De Patie& Freleng, Grantray-Lawrence, Osamu Tezuka, Filmation, Terebi Doga, Terrytoons Company, Rankin & Bass, Eiji Tsuburaya. You guys made it happen.

Please let me know if left out any cartoons or shows!

Things for reading and I will talk to you soon.

Peace and goodwill to all.



Musings (and Ramblings) from a Comic Book Fan

The dust has settled on Batman vs Superman.

I am not here to say how bad or good the movie was. The general public has already spoken and the movie was not liked.

I want to talk a moment about the DC comic company on the whole.

There was a time when New Teen Titans and Legion of Superheroes was on par with X-Men. Green Lantern had some of the most memorable stories I have ever read.Justice League was pretty good back then too.

I have been a comic book fan/collector since the late 70s and I am convinced DC is  going to remain subpar unless they do a self inventory and go back to what made them good in the first place.

They have been second best to Marvel and to me they always will be. And if they are not careful, Valiant could push them for the number two spot.

Now it sounds like I am being hard on a multi-million dollar company but let’s take a moment and look at their spotty track record with a few quick points.

  1. DC cannot decide on the direction of their comics.  After Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC editors told the readers that everything they read prior to 1986 did not happen.  Characters like the Multiverse, Krypto,Superboy and Supergirl never existed and there was only one Earth. Huh? We were told this change was necessary because the stories were too confusing to readers. Uhh ok.  DC decided to bring everything back slowly over the years, invalidating what they had done before and erasing what Crisis was supposed to fix.
  2. DC has a continuity problem. How many times has DC hit the reset button since 1986? 4 times I believe. The origins of Hawkman are a jumbled mess Which version of Superman should I embrace? How about Flash or Green Lantern. Oh, and they are doing it again this May. Their whole line of books will be starting over from number 1 yet again.
  3. DC has iconic characters and fails to portray them properly. People fall over themselves over Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns series. I argue that story stripped what made Batman great and turned him into this evil, unfeeling Machiavellian genius. He has yet to be freed from that label.  You want great Batman? Check out Marshall Rogers or Neal Adams Batman from 70s and get back to me. Good (Wally West) Flash stories can be found by Mark Waid in the late 80s. Ron Marz knew what he was doing on Green Lantern in the 90s. Superman? John Byrne went out of his way to show weak Superman was and writers since then have been reluctant to make him all powerful and the inspiration to all other heroes like before. And can we stop this whole Batman beating him up thing? Every writer wants to do a Miller replay. I don’t get the Superman hate. Alex Ross or Alan Moore please take over!
  4. DC is not good at making films compared to Marvel. Explain to me how unknowns like Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy can be well received and DC cannot get Green Lantern right? Outside of hardcore comic fans, I doubt many people knew about Iron Man before 2008. I suspect the directors of DC movies are not true fans of the characters and that could be why they miss what makes them great. It is the only thing I can think of with after Batman vs Superman was such a swing and miss.

There is hope.

  1. The Flash tv show is a fun romp. Arrow is everything Batman should and could be. Legends of Tomorrow has promise. Supergirl…….well, never mind.
  2. The Suicide Squad movie could change the whole movie narrative. The execs are supposedly doing reshoots after the reviews from B v S. The trailers look good too. Maybe the negative press spur the DC execs the listen to the public and make the movies fun.
  3. Marvel is not perfect. Daredevil was forgettable. Spiderman 3 was a mess. The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2 missed the mark completely. The Fantastic Four was horrific. The Marvel line of comics have gotten stale with the saturation of Avengers and X-Men books. And there was/is too much Wolverine.

The bottom line is I enjoy both companies and have no skin in the game as to who I want to be better. If both put out good products than it is a win for us all.

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening.

Until next time.